Air IT is extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded a three-star Service Desk Certification (SDC) by the Service Desk Institute (SDI), achieving a ‘Customer-Led’ maturity level.

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Receiving this esteemed accolade is a testament to our continued growth and dedication to providing the highest standard of customer-focused service.


3 Star Rating – Customer-Led

After working towards this prestigious accolade for over two years, we are delighted to have achieved a three-star ‘customer-led’ maturity level, which only 16 other organisations have been awarded on their first attempt.

Being ‘customer-led’ establishes that we operate with customers at the forefront of our service and meet industry recognised measures.

We are one of only 23 service desks to have been awarded with a three-star rating – and are one of only two SMB focussed Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to receive this highly-regarded accreditation. Currently, the majority of SDI certified organisations are in-house service desks and there are a handful of enterprise MSPs.

As such, this fantastic achievement really highlights our commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of service, and further cements our position as the first-choice MSP in the East Midlands.


About the Service Desk Institute

SDI sets globally-recognised best practice standards, providing clear and measurable benchmarks for service desk operations and professionals. Here at Air IT, we are always striving to ensure we meet the highest standards, and continually review and develop our processes in order to do so.


About the Service Desk Certification Programme

The SDC programme is a standards-based accreditation, which certifies service desk quality, and is recognised worldwide.

To achieve certification, the whole of Air IT was reviewed by an SDI auditor against the comprehensive SDI Service Desk Standard.

Our SDC preparations first began two years ago, and last September we underwent our first visit from the auditor for a two-day pre-assessment. This was then followed by the final in-depth certification audit, which took place earlier this month across four days.

The thorough process included desk-side observations and over 450 interview questions, extending well beyond the service desk and examining all aspects of our company. As well as questioning employees, our customers were also interviewed and their feedback considered within the criteria.

We are honoured and incredibly proud to have received a three-star SDC. At Air IT, we are continually striving to deliver the highest quality services to our customers, not only at a service desk level but also throughout the entire business – so we are delighted that our customer-led approach has been recognised with such a prestigious certification. Although we have received our three stars, the process does not stop here, as we will be audited annually over the next three years. We look forward to welcoming back the SDI, as we continue to improve our service and work towards a four-star rating over the next few years.

Paige Smith
Paige Smith, Service Delivery Manager, and Josh Turner, Service Desk Manager at Air IT


The Audit Process

Over 130 criteria were assessed across all areas of our business, and we were required to demonstrate and provide evidence that we meet all of these to achieve a ‘customer-led’ status. The criteria is split across nine key concepts, including:

  • Leadership
  • Policy and Strategy
  • People Management
  • Resources
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Managing Employee Satisfaction
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Social Responsibility
  • Management Information and Performance Results

To prove our leadership capabilities, we demonstrated that all levels of management inspire and motivate their teams in line with our businesses objectives, and the auditor recognised our processes for acknowledging team success. We also showed that the management team effectively communicate our company mission, vision and values throughout all levels of the business and implement continual service improvements initiatives (CSI).

The auditor examined our people management processes, including our recruitment procedures, skills development pathways, and the rewards and recognition we offer employees – such as our quarterly internal Great People Awards.

A thorough assessment of our customer experience management was undertaken. We gave evidence of how we gain and manage feedback from our customers – for example, our bi-annual customer feedback survey and our one-click customer surveys. As part of this, we demonstrated that we make effective changes and improvements to our service based on customer feedback, and showed that our 360-degree feedback process – called ‘Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions’ (CCS) – feeds back into our CSI initiatives.

Our management of information and performance results made up a large part of the audit, with nearly 40 out of 130 of the criteria falling under this theme. We provided a range of evidence to meet these criteria – from demonstrating the average time taken to fulfil service requests and resolve incidents, which we measure through our golden KPIs, to our knowledge of quality and effectiveness of service, as well as employee turnover and satisfaction.

This is a fantastic achievement for the team at Air IT and one of which the whole team should be extremely proud. There is a real emphasis on people engagement with a comprehensive customer experience programme supported by excellent use of collaboration tools which is exceptional. The passion for service combined with the care for its people, and the desire to enhancing and adopting service management best practice, to drive service performance is a model all service desks should aspire to.

Tessa Toubridge

Working towards our SDC presented the opportunity for us to better our existing processes. For example, we furthered our Information Technology Instructed Library (ITIL) best practice for service management, which has now been verified with UKAS accredited ISO certifications. As a result, we have received further recognition for both our high-standard of service and our comprehensive protection of information.

Having also been recently listed as a top 200 MSP worldwide and 5th in the UK, we are delighted to receive this further award to underpin our position as the East Midland’s leading MSP.


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