Air Sec, a dedicated security division of Air IT, was officially launched yesterday. The division offers specialist expertise in Cyber Security through providing Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) in a way that addresses the needs of all sizes of business, including SMEs.

CTO Sam Reed & MD James Healey

Sam Reed will head up the division with Air IT’s Managing Director, James Healey 

Nottingham’s leading provider of managed ICT services provision, Air IT, made the announcement following a successful awareness day held at Notts County covering cyber security resilience and GDPR readiness. The new division will be working with Air IT’s clients, and will seek opportunities to provide new clients with digital security services.


Cyber Security

Businesses, with few exceptions, have neither the expertise, nor the funds, to run their own Security Operations Centre (SOC) to track cyber-attacks as they develop. The threat landscape changes rapidly and keeping control requires adapt resourcing. Today, security is critical to all sizes of business. For all but the largest firms, the most practical solution is to outsource.

Specialist ICT security providers may be overly technical, and even insensitive to commercial and operational details. There can be a significant division between the advice given on digital security and business objectives.


Enabling clients to bridge this gap is a priority goal for Air Sec – to provide organisations with an answer to cyber security concerns, framed in the commercial language people understand. It’s not easily achieved in practice, but the end-goal is meeting needs without compromising on security.

The people from Air IT who’re now in the Air Sec division have spent many months running events for local businesses, with organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Cyber Crime team within the Police’s East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU).


Expert advice

A huge amount of practical experience has been gained by Air IT’s security experts through providing optimal security services to businesses of all sizes, building on the analysts’ years of technical knowledge of digital security. Air Sec helps businesses master the digital risks they face.

The new division is headed-up by Sam Reed, Chief Technology Officer. No stranger to the local business community, Sam is recognised as a trusted cyber security expert. He’s a regular contributor to the Digital Growth Programme, workshops and initiatives that drive cyber security awareness, meet the demands imposed by regulatory bodies, and promote best practices.

Under Sam’s leadership, Air IT is a member of the UK Cyber Security Forum and contributes to the government’s Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP). Under Air IT, Air Sec is also Cyber Essentials and IASME certified.

IASME & Cyber essentials logos

Air Sec’s services

Air Sec’s services can help assess the issues faced by a business:
  • Employee risk and company risk assessments
  • Technical security assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Dark Web threat identification
  • IESMA audits
  • Gap analysis against compliance frameworks and regulations
Air Sec’s services monitor for threats and follow their development in real-time. Forewarned is forearmed:
  • Active hunts for hacking techniques used to gain access to systems
  • Detection of unauthorised software
  • Changes in status of internal security
  • Enterprise and network level infrastructure monitoring
  • Detection of domain compromises
  • Continuous automated audits
  • Data watchdogs to identify data irregularities or corruption
  • Ongoing intrusion detection
  • Unique scripted threat detection and response
  • Expert log analysis
Last but not least, Air Sec’s preventative offerings include:
  • Solutions that protect a business using a full, layered array of active anti-threat and security technologies
  • Education and training provided in conjunction with recognised bodies, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Police
  • Raising awareness for employees
  • Technical support
  • Business continuity solutions and disaster recovery planning

Sam Reed, head of Air IT’s new division, comments:

Digital security can be a black art. Many managers and business owners don’t understand the real threat. They don’t see value in security services. Air Sec will help identify their risks and address them in an appropriate way for their business, whether they’re an enterprise or SME.

Sam Reed

Air Sec will help businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with security recommendations from the Government-backed Cyber Essentials recommendations, and the National Cyber Security Centre. Many companies still need help avoiding fines that might arise from the forthcoming GDPR regulations.


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