Join our Business Intelligence expert, Tulbir Dosanjh, for our upcoming webinar and learn why it’s now essential for SMEs to implement Business Intelligence as a Service (BlaaS) for the post-pandemic road to recovery.

Business Intelligence Essentials


The Bank of England just announced that the UK economy has experienced its biggest decline in 300 years due to the pandemic. With large enterprises competitively poised to take advantage of the economic restart, learn how SMEs can stay competitive, improve efficiencies and recover lost ground by using Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS).

With many business owners believing BI is too costly, not essential, or reserved for large enterprise, a staggering 69% of SMEs have failed to develop a data-driven strategy because of misconceptions*. But the truth is that BI is now readily accessible to all SMEs, thanks to Air IT’s unique BIaaS offering.

In our upcoming webinar, we will be hearing from Air IT’s BI expert, Tulbir Dosanjh, who will be resolving this preconception by helping SMEs to understand why BI was essential pre-Covid, and why it’s now a critical requirement post-pandemic.

With almost half of businesses having insufficient resources, talent, tools, and cloud technology to achieve effective BI strategies*, Tulbir will explain the benefits of partnering with our BI team who provide support and guidance, develop strategies, and deliver reliable analytic insights, so you can make vital decisions, better, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Featuring a live BI demonstration with dashboard and data analytic insights, Tulbir will highlight the key benefits of BI to help your business recover more efficiently and competitively at a time when data analytics and BI are key to unlocking the future success of business growth, team performance, and employee productivity.

*McKinsey Research Survey 2020

Presented by Tulbir Dosanjh

With a total of 20 years in the technology sector, and the past decade working as a Business Intelligence consultant, Tulbir has worked with some of the country’s most respected clients to plan and develop bespoke BI strategies.

Join Tulbir Dosanjh for his expert advice and consultation in our upcoming webinar ‘BI Essentials for SMEson Wednesday 16th June at 1pm and learn why Business Intelligence isn’t exclusively available to large enterprises – it’s now open to all SMEs.


What you’ll learn

  • Essential advice and secrets from our BI expert
  • An introduction to Business Intelligence
  • What is the purpose of Business Intelligence?
  • Why SMEs need Business Intelligence post-pandemic
  • How BI is being used by enterprises to gain a competitive edge – and how you can benefit too
  • Which areas of your business can benefit from BI?
  • How BI can improve employee performance, awareness and productivity
  • How BI can help reduce costs, identify inefficiencies and increase revenues
  • What are the pros and cons of in-house BI vs outsourced BIaaS?
  • Dashboard development and how to enrich your KPIs
  • Live BI environment demonstration
  • Q&A – ask the expert

Plus, you’ll be offered a free consultation meeting to discover your specific BI needs with Tulbir Dosanjh



Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is suitable for business owners, chief executives, directors, and those who are responsible for data, finance, management, operations, sales, marketing, performance and human resource.


Please note: This webinar is exclusively for businesses and we reserve the right to refuse access if a conflict of interest should occur. When registering, please ensure your email address is linked to your business name (same domain name). Attendees using personal email addresses could be refused access to the session. By signing up for the webinar you agree for us to contact you with information regarding this event and any related services.