Head office based in Kiln Green, Berkshire.

Established in 1993, Lynden Hill Clinic is an independent, privately owned rehabilitation clinic specialising in orthopaedic and post-operative rehabilitation, as well as providing respite care.

Their stunning Grade II listed building is nestled in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Berkshire countryside of Kiln Green, Wargrave, Reading. The satisfaction of Lynden Hill’s residents is a top priority.

Key Outcomes

  • Project completed on time and on budget
  • Lynden Hill now have Wi-Fi coverage across three secure networks
  • Guest experience greatly improved
  • Has made the running of the clinic faster and easier for staff

The Challenge

In recent years, the number of guests using iPads to stream videos through services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has grown. Also, many guests Facetime and video call family members during their rehabilitation stay, so the demand on Lynden Hill’s internet hadn’t yet reached its peak and evidently; it was only going to increase over time. Meanwhile the thick-walled building meant for potential signal-loss areas.

With patients and guests using their own devices to video call and connect with family and friends whilst in our care, Air IT advised that we significantly enhance our security, privacy and data protection. As we’ve been working with Air IT for a number of years, we have always valued and trusted their proactive advice. After consulting with us, they recommended that the most beneficial option for us would be to upgrade our internet. The plan would enable faster connectivity, accommodating an increased number of users, and enhance the online security of our guests and organisation, whilst complying with GDPR regulations. After initially putting out our requirements for tender, Air IT came back with the most competitive rates, and because we had previously worked with them, we had no doubt that employing their services would be the best option. Upon starting the project, Air IT had advised us on everything that was being planned and the full breadth of the work required. As part of this, we had a leased line installed which was a dedicated line that increased the internet speed and connectivity for those on our premises. After a smooth delivery, we now have an excellent Wi-Fi installation and the network runs superbly. There are no connectivity blackspots around the site and our patients and guests are now able to stream videos and make video calls to their families without any issues, all with the peace of mind that comes with added security.

Anne Shirley Ikin
General Manager, Lynden Hill Clinic

The Approach

As a forward-thinking IT partner, Air IT always look out for their clients and could foresee this being an imminent issue for the establishment, so it was highlighted to the Lynden Hill team during a regular account management meeting; that an internet connectivity upgrade and a wireless upgrade across two phases, is recommended for better coverage and greater speeds.

  • Phase 1: Leased Line Internet Connectivity Upgrade

Air IT installed a dedicated leased line as a first point of call. This dedicated line was the perfect solution to the clinic’s internet reliability issues, furthermore it’s completely scalable depending on the demand. All of MFG’s internet options offer the flexibility to support the growth of any business.

  • Phase 2: Full Wireless Upgrade

Because of its size and location, the clinic has a large number of guests and staff that use the internet, not only in the overnight rooms, but also in several facilities located on the clinic’s grounds.

Once the leased internet line was in place, the next task was to conduct a site survey of the clinic’s WiFi environment. A detailed visual wireless network map was created which highlighted details such as local access points, coverage void areas and interference areas.

The next step was to build a wireless environment solution that would be reliable and secure.

Once the site survey was completed and MFG eliminated any wireless void areas or interference, our projects team proceeded to install a series of wireless access points –18 to be exact.


The Outcome

The project was completed on time, on budget and Lynden Hill now have coverage where they need it across three secure networks for staff, guests and visitors – with integrated Wi-Fi performance tools and ongoing network management provided.

Most importantly, expectations were set with staff and guests to minimise interruption. Everyone on-site on installation day were instructed when any drilling or noisy work would commence.

The guest experience has been greatly improved and there have been no complaints about internet connectivity. Furthermore, the upgrade has made the general running of the clinic faster and easier for staff.

Everybody from the clients, their guests and the entire have been over the moon with the success of this project.

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