Head office based in Reading.

Founded in 2011, Simple Recruitment Services (SRS) is a rapidly growing leading independent recruitment agent headquartered in Reading. MFG have been working with Simple Recruitment since the company’s inception and now; Simple operate from eight branches throughout the UK, offering support, advice and assistance to employers and candidates across the country.

Simple Recruitment’s quick growth over the last 10 years has meant for constant change in systems and processes. As such, they never properly invested in future-proof IT infrastructure.

Key Outcomes

  • Improved Microsoft 365 Solution saved money on a monthly basis
  • Increased business efficiency
  • New set up allows for easy scaling up and down depending on the needs of the business

The Challenge

Beyond addressing individual user needs like mailbox types and tools required to fulfil their roles – more generally, the team at Simple Recruitment were looking to:

  • Improve communication between colleagues, clients and candidates by introducing an all-in-one system that allowed for more powerful communication and file sharing tools
  • Reduce or even eliminate files being stored locally on desktops or portable media
  • Tighten security to prevent data loss in line with the regulatory requirements of the GDPR
  • Introduce a system with wide UK availability, meaning staff members can have access to the files they need, when they need them, wherever they are
  • Potentially save costs vs using their existing Hosted Exchange solution

We’ve been working with Air IT Thames Valley for a few years now. They regularly provide us with the latest updates and recommendations across all our technology requirements to proactively keep us protected and at the forefront of innovation. For example, in one of these meetings, they highlighted some cyber security risks that could have compromised our data and documentation, including the way we managed passwords internally. Having gone ignored by previous providers, we were unaware of these risks to our infrastructure. As a result of Air IT’s director, Mark Flinders, highlighting these areas to us, we decided to take the necessary action and work with Air IT to improve our business infrastructure. Whilst speaking with Mark, he had given us some fantastic advice, providing us with a comprehensive suite of security solutions that would fulfil our security and communication requirements, such as migrating our data and systems to Microsoft 365 during the national lockdown. This took place when government guidance required individuals to isolate, which gave cause for concern that necessary action may be delayed. However, from in-depth discussions with Mark, he reassured us that they would be able to easily migrate and facilitate our requirements, without the need to even be on site – which was demonstrated in practice with our migration being completed during one of the national lockdowns. Within the recruitment sector, security and communication are key to delivering our services, and with the help and support of Mark and the Air IT Thames Valley team, they have enabled us to function fully and securely. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams have been invaluable to our organisation, helping us fulfil our objectives and enhance operations throughout and beyond the pandemic.


Gary Phillips
Director, Simple Recruitment Group

The Approach

It was obvious to all parties that Microsoft 365 was the future for Simple Recruitment. Microsoft Office has been a staple in their businesses for many years. The Microsoft 365 solution would allow them to harness the suite of Microsoft’s core programs as well as a cloud service, allowing their staff to stay connected wherever they are.

The solution was fully demonstrated to the management team at Simple Recruitment and they were excited about the new technology and the opportunities it held.

The Outcome

Simple Recruitment Services now enjoy the full Microsoft 365 suite – all regularly updated to the latest software version. Their Microsoft 365 outfit is backed up and powered by fully Managed IT Support service. This allows Air IT to handle the day-to-day operation of Simple Recruitment’s technology, whilst they concentrate on growing their business.

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