Phone support

Please call one of our regional Service Desk teams who’ll resolve your issue.

Air IT support


If you’re a Microtrading client, please call

+44(0) 121 784 0077

Air IT support


If you’re a Nexus GS client, please call

+44(0) 24 7622 3865

Air IT support


If you’re an Infotech Solutions client, please call

+44(0) 1634 525 555

Air IT support


If you’re an Air IT client, please call

+44(0)115 860 2094

Air IT support


If you’re a Riverbank I.T. client, please call

+44(0) 1235 426700

Air IT support


If you’re an Infinity IT client, please call

+44(0) 1889 228 439

Email support

email support


Send an email to create a support ticket automatically and a technician will be in touch shortly.

Remote Support

To allow us to connect to your PC, please click one of the options below as instructed by a technician.

Remote Support - Air IT


Please click here to enable us to connect to your PC via ScreenConnect.


Remote Support - Air IT


Please click here to enable us to connect to your PC via TeamViewer.


Air Sec contact information

To contact Air Sec, please contact our team using one of the following;

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