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Unlike us, few networking providers are specialists in both information technology (IT) and communications, and we’ll cover the whole range of key requirements. From a simple installation of a cable run right through to design, commissioning and support of a structured wide area network, we cover all your telecoms and mobility needs.

Whatever your requirements and size of your business, we have the experience, tech know-how and strong vendor relationships to help you succeed.

How we can help

  • Auditing and testing
  • Design and consultation
  • Installations and relocations
  • Commissioning and implementation
  • Ongoing support

Some of the technologies we cover

  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks offer simplicity, control and cost savings for multi-site businesses. Each site connects into a central ‘cloud’ that controls access to the internet. This means that sites can transfer data and voice traffic to each other, without having to breakout to the internet, increasing efficiency and security.

MPLS networks can be made up of a variety of connection methods and our monitoring and management service allows you to prioritise your traffic for efficient flow of data.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Computing over distances requires security and efficient routing of network traffic.

Our Virtual Private Networks (VPN, IP VPN) offer secure connectivity between remote locations and your office infrastructure delivering safe access to your information, storage and other features.

  • Software Defined Networks (SD-WAN)

As well as simplifying your infrastructure management across multiple sites, software defined networks (SD-WAN) are cost-effective and deliver a fast, reliable and secure solution that can be deployed across any existing network.

SD-WAN is replacing traditional technologies like MPLS and VPN, by consolidating all your WAN connections in to a single, software-defined wide area network.

This offers extensive benefits for organisations with a high dependency on cloud applications and delivers optimal user experience over geographical locations by allowing you to quickly change and manage the flow of traffic for increased security, availability and performance.

  • Business Grade WiFi Solutions

Point to Point

Our point to point WiFi solutions link your local premises together at fast speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps with no need for any physical cabling. This makes them ideal for businesses who need a fast and secure network across multiple sites and where Leased Line connectivity is unavailable.

Managed WiFi

Our managed WiFI solutions are ideal for businesses looking to enhance their wireless connectivity, with secure options for all your internal and guest internet capabilities. We’ll work with you to ensure your chosen WiFi solution is fast, secure and provides optimal coverage and user performance, with full scalability from several to thousands of users.

  • Structured Cabling

Our solutions cover all aspects of IT and telecommunication infrastructure cabling projects across local and wide area networks – from full, multi-site installations to moving existing floor points within your office.

All installations, surveys, compliance testing and documentation is conducted by our qualified engineers, whether the cabling is Ethernet or Fibre Optic. And all our cabling installations come with a guarantee of up to 25 years.

Find out more about our structured cabling services

Remote monitoring & management of your network

Using industry-leading remote monitoring and management software as a base, we’ll check all the key elements of your network and infrastructure including servers, so we continuously check for potential issues and pre-emptively resolve problems.

We keep everything running smoothly, report on the health of your systems and provide inventories when needed.

Why work with us

No other local Managed IT provider can offer the mix of IT and communications capability and expertise that Air IT has to offer, meaning better choice, reliability and convenience for you.

We have all the accreditations and certifications you’d expect, plus the underlying technical solutions we use are proven industry-leading designs and products.

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