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New cyber security threats arise every day and proactive protection is essential to stay ahead of the game.

All organisations face an increasing risk of attack, many with limited resource and experience to protect themselves. Our expert team of cyber consultants will assess your unique business needs and help you build a robust security environment suited to you.

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Stay resilient with our robust and dynamic cyber security services.

Managed Cyber Security

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The role of the vCISO provides you with a dedicated cyber security expert to align your cyber security with your business objectives, helping to protect you from the growing threats. Taking on the role of Information Security Officer within your organisation, the vCISO will effectively manage your security strategy, budget, risks and regulatory compliance.

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Security Architecture & Design

Our team of cyber architects are equipped with the experience and technical knowledge to shape your security architecture from the ground up, ensuring your projects are as secure as possible from the word go. Our experts will advise on the best practice frameworks most suited to your organisation, ensuring your systems adhere to the appropriate requirements right from the start of a project life-cycle.

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Compliance is key

Regulatory compliance has never been so important. We’re experts in identifying areas of improvement and offering clear guidance on best practise security frameworks, including ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.

IT solutions

Enhanced understanding of your IT environment

We’ll take time to get to know your business and current IT environment. We’ll become an extension of your internal team, working together to ensure your organisation benefits from the highest level of protection.

IT Strategy

Industry expertise on tap

Our team of industry experts are fully equipped to offer you clear and quick advice, so you can rest assured your business, end users and clients are as secure as possible.

IT support for business growth

Flexible & scalable to suit your business

We know that business needs and priorities change. Our agile approach ensures your service is tailored to your unique business needs, with ability to up or down-scale as required.

Air Sec Cyber Security Team

Expertise on-demand: Your vCISO

The Air Sec vCISO service is the perfect solution for organisations looking to mature their security and enhance existing capabilities, without the expense of an in-house CISO.

With specialised security knowledge and experience, they’ll help shape and maintain your cyber and information strategy. Offering ongoing guidance and support when you need it, your vCISO will help prevent, detect and mitigate cyber threats.

Tailored to your unique security needs and budget, our vCISO service covers:

  • Strategy – develop your security in line with business objectives and technology strategies
  • Risk management – vital management of risk, helping you understand your weaknesses and minimise risk
  • Incident response – optimise your incident response plan to ensure you’re one step ahead of the game and prepared for the worst case scenario of an attack
  • Governance – management and regular review of data privacy and compliance with information security regulations
  • Security testing – evaluating your security controls to identify holes in your security and recommend improvements to increase protection
  • Advisory – educate key stakeholders within your organisation on the latest cyber threats and rationalise how your strategy protects against

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