When you’re looking for IT support it’s soon obvious that most companies offer the same things with little to choose between them.

Find out why we’re unique.

Actual efficiency & flexibility to suit you

We’ve made significant investment in replacing our Service and Support systems, moving away from fragmented standard systems. We have unique capabilities in reporting, notification, responsiveness, and case management so we can help you in ways (and with a rapid response) that others simply can’t equal. We’re proud of this capability and we’d love to show it all to you.


We’ll save you money

While we talk about “packages” for support, most people actually have requirements specific to their operations. We like to build our IT support agreements to fit around your specific needs. Therefore, you only pay for what you need, it’s budget-friendly and our pricing model helps your cash-flow and financial planning. And you gain expertise for a fraction of the cost of training your own resource.

We’re there for you more than the others

Our normal opening hours for IT support are 7:30 am to 6:30pm so you’re not on your own if you get in early or have to work late. And we have on-call staff listening out for your SOS in an emergency, 24x7x365.

Complete breadth of expertise

We acquired a telecoms supplier in 2013, so we have expert capability across IT and telecoms – not just logos and talk. We can cover it all for you, all under one roof without being passed from pillar to post.

Our promises are real

Your calls are answered within 14 seconds by a qualified human technician (rather than a message inviting you to pick a number from a menu), and we do our best to fix the problem while you’re on the phone. Our response SLA is 1 hour and it’s a real human being who responds, rather than an automated email, just saying thanks.

Complimentary IT Support

We’re big enough to support you properly

We’re constantly recruiting and growing to meet our clients’ demands. We hear a lot of feedback from new clients that other IT providers can’t deliver on promises because they’re already over stretched.

Two IT consultants at Air IT company head offices in Nottingham

All things considered our offering is unique

If you dig deep you may find others who offer one or two of these differences, but we don’t think anyone else can offer all these benefits, especially to SMBs or mid-sized enterprises.

What else should you expect from us?

Managed IT support providers tend to use the same management software, have the same suppliers and accreditations, use the same industry-standard processes, and have read the same publications on understanding the business benefits.

Of course, Air IT will also give you those standard (but important) support features and more:

Interest in your business

  • We appreciate that your objectives may be commercial and operational rather than just technical, so we’ll listen first, talk straight with you, and focus on what you need to achieve.

Technical focus too

  • We have business acumen and a good ear, but we also have technical-wizards too.

Reduced costs

  • Our efficient systems and experienced resource are there to help you. You’d have to make a major investment to take this in-house.

Value for money

  • We’ll give you monthly reports on the work we’ve done for you, so you’ll soon know if you’re not getting value for money and transparency of service.


  • We have SLAs based on priority (the urgency of the issue and the extent of the impact). We stick to these with complete transparency– there are no snags involved or loopholes.

Convenient ways to get in touch

  • Telephone, email, chat, or self service via our Service Hub (online, desktop and mobile app).

Support packages to suit you

  • Pay-as-you-go, 24×7 monitoring, remote-only, onsite cover, and tailored IT support packages with extended hours of coverage – with or without limits on time and number of incidents. What would you like?

Certifications and enterprise solutions

  • We have all the necessary badges, best-practices and certifications – Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Sophos etc.

Fewer disruptions to your business

  • Remote monitoring, management and fixing mean that we proactively stop things breaking and stay out of your way when something needs fixing.

Geographically local

  • Sometimes things can’t be fixed remotely, and being local means we’re with you sooner and you’re up and running quickly.

ITIL and ISO compliance and accreditation

  • We follow industry best practise for operations and organisation, with a bit of entrepreneurial spice and enthusiasm to round it all off.

A great team of techs

  • We have a very low staff turnover – happy people means good customer service and is (we think) a sign that we’re getting things right.

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