Protecting your business must always be a priority, that’s why we wanted to share some IT security tips for the most fundamental aspects of protecting your business. These will directly improve the security of your IT system and you can put them into practice quickly and easily.

IT security tips

IT Security tips for businesses

Here are some of the simplest IT security tips that we recommend putting in place to add an extra layer of defence for your business.

Provide your staff with IT security training

Most data loss events and security breaches are due to human error. If you want a secure and productive business, you need to address this. The best way to do that is through regular user awareness training.

How we can help

As part of our managed security services offering, Air IT can provide comprehensive user awareness training

Validate your backups

From our experience, when meeting a new client, most companies are unwittingly keeping a backup that is vastly inadequate for their requirements. Furthermore, they’re failing to sufficiently test and validate their backup. This means that, should you need to rely on the backup, it may be unusable.

Gaining control of your backup processes and procedures makes your business far more resilient in the event of catastrophic data loss. If you don’t currently know your company’s backup policy and the way it is being enforced, now is as good a time as any to find out. Should you discover it is not up to scratch, changing that needs to be a real priority.

How we can help

Want assistance in reviewing your backup and disaster recovery? We can conduct a comprehensive review of your requirements and test the solution currently in place – we can then advise on, and implement, the changes you need to make to better protect your business.

Updates and patch management

Nearly all software programs have, or develop, vulnerabilities that can pose a security risk to your business. Fortunately, software vendors regularly release updates and patches to fix any such weaknesses. This means all of your software applications and operating systems need to be patched and kept up to date to reduce the likelihood of a security breach.

Ideally, these updates should be made as soon as they are released by the vendor. As this can be a time-consuming task, we recommend using an automated patch management system to address this.

How we can help

As a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), we can take care of this for you. Not only that, but we can ensure that all updates being made do not compromise other aspects of your IT, as patches and updates do need to be ‘managed’ rather than just carried out.

Enforce your password policy

Passwords are the fundamental failsafe in the security of your digital devices and the first line of defence when accessing on-premise or cloud-based services, such as a CRM system or Office 365 account. As such, it’s important that your password policy applies to all login credentials in your business and meets the highest password etiquette.

When creating a sophisticated password policy for your business, you should follow the guidelines below and ensure that different passwords are created for each account:

  • Passwords should consist of 12-14 characters
  • Avoid singular, full words
  • Utilise both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers
  • Use special characters – but don’t use them to replace letters, like ‘@dm1n’ instead of ‘admin’
  • Please see our guide to password security

How we can help

We offer a centralised password vault service designed to meet the needs of a business. This service ensures that your password policy is being adhered to and enables your users to easily access their login credentials.

Become Cyber Essentials certified

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that helps businesses protect themselves from cybercrime. It does this by showing you what needs to be in place, within your IT infrastructure, in order to address basic weaknesses and prevent the most common types of attacks.

As a Cyber Essentials certified company, you’ll have a clear picture of your organisation’s cybersecurity level. You’ll also gain peace of mind, knowing that your business is better protected in a time when cybercrime is growing ever more sophisticated.

Cyber Essentials also helps to ensure that you’re prepared for compliance with a number of elements within the legislation outlined by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into effect in the UK on 25th May 2018.

How we can help

We can perform an assessment of your current IT infrastructure and security systems, which will measure your compliance with the Cyber Essentials scheme. We can also take care of the application process and increase the likelihood of you becoming a Cyber Essentials certified business.

Annual security assessments

For even greater peace of mind, we also recommend conducting annual security assessments, including penetration tests and vulnerability scans – to find out more, click here. These comprehensive tests identify weaknesses in your security that could be exploited by cyber criminals to disrupt your business or hold you to ransom.

Quick IT security tips aren’t enough for full protection

Here at Air IT, we offer managed IT and cyber security solutions in packages tailored to your businesses. We can provide effective penetration testing and conduct vulnerability scans to assess the proficiency of your IT security. We’ll then report back to you with usable data and a suggested course of action to address any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that have been identified.

We can also fulfil the required improvements which can be wide-ranging, from patch updates to IT security training, to the installation of new hardware and software. In this way, we can protect your system before a breach occurs, rather than after!

How Air IT can help

We are cyber security specialists and can provide comprehensive management of your IT infrastructure. Our range of cyber security services can help to protect our clients proactively, addressing vulnerabilities and threats ahead of time. If you’d like to find out more IT security tips, please let us know and we will put you in touch with a specialist.