Join our Business Intelligence specialist, Tulbir Dosanjh, and Head of BI, Lee Konrath, for their webinar where you’ll learn about unlocking the power of Business Intelligence and the key benefits that your business data can unlock.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the critical data inside your organisation
  • What is the purpose of Business Intelligence?
  • The advantages of Business Intelligence
  • What areas of your business can benefit from BI?
  • Live BI environment demonstration

Plus, you’ll be offered a free consultation meeting to discover your specific BI needs with Tulbir Dosanjh


With a third of all large organisations predicted to employ analysts that practise decision intelligence by 2023*, the data intelligence divide between enterprise and SMBs is set to widen further.  But with BI as a Service (BIaaS), SMBs can unlock the benefits of Business Intelligence for a fraction of the cost, and much lower risk than resourcing specialist teams internally.

Under increasing pressure to keep up with larger enterprises, the demand for faster results, improved decision making, enhanced performance and productivity is critical to businesses’ survival and growth. But with competitive demand for specialists increasing the cost of human resources, many business owners are uncertain how best to unlock the data inside their organisations.

In our upcoming webinar, Air IT’s Business Intelligence experts, Tulbir Dosanjh and Lee Konrath will be sharing insights from their combined 30 years of analytical experience to give you the guidance you need to get results from your own Business Intelligence strategy.

We’ll be sharing the benefits of partnering with our BIaaS team who can provide you with the support, guidance, and strategies you need to deliver meaningful analytic insights, which will empower you and your team to make vital decisions faster and more efficiently than before.

The webinar will demonstrate a live BI environment with dashboard and data analytic insights to demonstrate the capabilities and functionalities now available in real time, such as natural language queries and drill-through dashboards.


Presented by Tulbir Dosanjh & Lee Konrath

With 30 combined years of experience within business intelligence, Tulbir and Lee have worked with some of the country’s most respected clients to plan, develop and deliver bespoke BI strategies.

Join Tulbir and Lee in our webinar recording and learn how your business can unlock the power of BI in 2022.

Lee Konrath
Lee Konrath, Head of BI
Tulbir Dosanjh
Tulbir Dosanjh, BI Specialist


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This download is suitable for business owners, chief executives, directors, and those who are responsible for data, finance, management, operations, sales, marketing, performance, and human resources.

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