Earlier this year, we announced the launch of Teams Talk, our all-in-one unified communications solution. Teams Talk connects your phone system to Microsoft Teams, so you can make and receive calls on the same platform you use for instant messaging, file sharing and video conferencing. Read on to find out how Teams Talk can make your workday easier…

Teams Talk

Seamless communication

With Teams Talk, you can make calls to anyone, from anywhere. Calls are made using your internet connection, so you can make internal or external calls whether you’re in the office or at home. Now that remote working is the norm for many businesses, it’s likely that employers will increasingly need to offer flexibility when it comes to working from home, so being able to make that transition easily is essential.

When all your communications can be made from the same platform, you and your employees only have one system to think about. Not only is this simpler, but it can also cut costs compared to having multiple services and subscriptions. You’re not limited to the desktop application either – Teams Talk works across multiple devices including mobiles and smart media desk phones, so it’s great for flexibility and mobility.


More for your money

Switching to Teams Talk could cut your telecoms costs significantly versus traditional landline telephony. It’s a cloud-based system which means there’s no onsite infrastructure involved – plus, internal calls are always free of charge. Inclusive minutes are also provided per user, so it’s cost-effective and easy to manage.

In addition, Teams Talk provides a wider range of features and functionality than the standard Business Voice offering from Microsoft. This includes key capabilities such as call recording and analytics, flexible number presentation and fraud prevention, which many businesses can’t be without. All of this, along with the ability to combine Teams Talk with our Hosted Voice System, means you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.


PCI compliant call recording

If your company takes card payments in any form, you’ll know that it’s a legal requirement to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations.

With Teams Talk, you can use the pause and resume feature whilst recording calls. This will ensure that when a customer is providing sensitive financial information, it won’t be available for anyone else to listen in. Currently this is not an option with Microsoft’s Business Voice offering, so Teams Talk is a more suitable solution if your business needs this important capability.


Less downtime

Teams Talk is relatively fast and easy to install – it can even be done remotely, so we can get you set up quickly and efficiently without needing to visit site.

Plus, if you need help or support, you can rely on our in-house team to resolve any queries so you can get back to doing your job. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, specialising in IT & comms, we’re ideally placed to manage your migration to a Microsoft Teams phone system, from licensing and procurement through to installation and ongoing support.


Futureproof phone system

Using a VoIP telephony system means there are no strings attached when it comes to hiring new employees or making changes to your business. Unlike a traditional phone system, Teams Talk is easy to scale up or down as needed, with the ability to add and remove users as your needs change.

You can also rest assured for the retirement of fixed-lined telephony. BT is migrating traditional landline systems to an IP system in 2025, so getting ahead and upgrading now means you’re well placed to keep up with an increasingly digital world.


Want to know more?

Here at Air IT, our mission is to help businesses succeed through technology. If you’d like to learn more, you can download a recording of our webinar which explains what Teams Talk is and how it can benefit your business. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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