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From packaged assessments to consultancy, migrations to security, our managed cloud services are designed to support businesses that are starting their cloud journey or looking to further integrate and harness the power of their cloud environment.

Organisations are constantly challenged by rapidly evolving threats, intricate compliance requirements, and the ever-present shortage of skilled professionals. Navigating this complex terrain demands a strategic approach, and that’s where our Managed Cloud Services help.

Designed to help you optimise cloud environments, enhance performance, ensure the security and reliability of your applications and data. Our approach enables organisations to adapt to changing workloads, minimize downtime, and benefit from our expert support.

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Our managed cloud services include

IT Consultancy

Cloud Consulting

Empower your business to adopt and optimise your cloud solutions with guidance from our cloud consultants. From recommending suitable strategies and implementation expertise, cloud consulting enables businesses to make informed decisions and maximise the benefits of the cloud.

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Cloud Transformation

Looking to reshape part of or your organisations entire IT infrastructure, applications and processes? We help businesses harness the full potential of cloud computing. Adopt cloud based technologies, optimise workflows and embrace scalable solutions to drive efficiency, innovation and improved business outcomes.

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Cloud Migrations

With our cloud migration services, we’ll support you in transferring digital assets, applications, and data from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Streamline your operations and leverage the scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness of the cloud in todays rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Cloud Security

Having the right cloud security enables you to safeguard against unauthorised access, data breaches and other cyber threats. This includes encryption, access controls, threat detection, and compliance adherence – all supported by our dedicated Air Sec cyber security division.

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Benefits of using cloud-based technology

There are so many benefits to implementing cloud technology solutions and infrastructure, including:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Lower costs
  • Scalability (up and down)
  • Better efficiencies
  • Boosted productivity
  • Meet fast-changing demands easily
  • Ensure fast local access for team members across the globe
  • Reduce the need for hardware and maintenance fees
  • Leverage AI tools like voice recognition and automated web search

If you’d like to talk to us about your cloud requirements, we provide a free 30 minute consultation

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What are the different types of cloud?

Public Cloud - Air IT support

Public Cloud

A public cloud environment combines IT resources and are hosted by third party providers, usually available to the public via the web.

Private Cloud - Air IT support

Private Cloud

A private cloud environment is dedicated to a single business or organisation, providing exclusive control, security and customisations.

Hybrid Cloud - Air IT support

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud environment combines in-house infrastructure with the cloud. Want to know how to leverage the benefits of both private and public cloud services?

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Microsoft 365 & Cloud Services

As a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we’re experts in Microsoft 365. From initial advice through to migrations and ongoing support, we’re here to help.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is Microsoft’s primary cloud platform for desktop applications. It improves collaboration and operational efficiencies whilst reducing costs. Features include:

  • Powerful, familiar desktop applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Teams, the app that combines document storage with collaboration tools such as chat, web conferencing, team calendars and voice comms
  • Cloud-based file storage in OneDrive for every user, with synchronised data held locally on PCs

We also offer a comprehensive range of best-of-breed cloud solutions and hosted services including Exchange, managed hosting, cloud desktop, storage, cloud backup, anti-virus, anti-spam and more.

Best Practices, Tools, and Strategies – all aligned to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework

Working to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework puts in place best practices for your business, providing you with the right tools and guidance in a rapidly evolving world.

The tools included in the framework will enable you to shape the technology, business and people strategies needed for the cloud. Enabling you to work towards and achieve the best outcomes throughout your cloud adoption process.

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Additional cloud solutions we provide

MS Coud

Microsoft Azure

Azure has an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. It gives you the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favourite tools and frameworks.

You’ll be provided with the technical assistance, advice and support to design and deliver the Azure solutions that suit your business requirements.

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Colocation Solutions

Colocation or Colo is when you rent physical space in a data centre to house or co-locate your servers and networking equipment (which you own) rather than keeping them in-house.

We provide competitively-priced, secure and best in class third-party Data Centre rack space for your systems in convenient locations across the UK – with 24-hour access and room for expansion. We’ll provide a fully managed service taking care of all monitoring, maintenance and support of your equipment.

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