IT consultancy services tailored to you

Due to the fast-paced nature of the technology world, making sure you get the balance right between growth, security and cost is tricky and complicated.

At Air IT, our consultants will advise, consult, deliver, manage, and support you in removing your IT headaches. And provide the solutions to help achieve your business goals.

You’ll receive:

  • Independent advice
  • A choice of one off or monthly contract agreement
  • Peace of mind with our highly experienced team

Any of these issues sound familiar?

  • System limitations – Are they holding you back and impacting growth, productivity, and profitability?
  • Is your IT Manager/Director leaving and you need interim support/cover?
  • You’ve found a gap in your compliance process and need a solution?
  • Found a gap within your IT compliance policies/process and need help
  • An independent evaluation of your current IT setup/provider to ensure your business is not at risk.

Our consultancy services

With true flexibility, our consultancy services are customised to meet your unique requirements, ensuring that technology is aligned to your strategy and overall business goals.

Our consultancy services include:

All technology supported

Digital Transformation

Building robust, effective technology strategies is key to business success. Develop solutions tailored to your business needs and navigate any future complexities with confidence.


IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Working in close partnership with our senior consultants, we’ll help you achieve your business goals by developing a clear-cut, transformative strategy that will deliver results.


Meet compliance & security standards logo

Security & Compliance

Tailored compliance solutions which safeguards data and helps you stay protected.


Operational Planning & Support

Optimise workflows, implement change and streamline your IT infrastructure and services.


Why choose us for IT consultancy?

In tune with your strategy

We’ll get to know you and your business and build an IT strategy that fits seamlessly with your business culture and goals.

Business & technical expertise

Our team has a wealth of commercial and technical ability and will be on-hand to share their expertise throughout your organisation, at all levels.

Project management

We use a structured approach throughout all of our projects. We’ll take the pressure off you, as we’ll manage progress, risk, costs, quality and adherence to timescales.

Future proof your business

We’ll work with you to identify areas for future improvement and assess any potential risk. We can also offer a peer review before you go live to identify any gaps and ensure your success.

Sound advice

We offer advice and independent counsel, giving you peace of mind as a trusted sounding board to support all aspects of your ICT planning.

Optimise for success

We make technology work hard for your business. The solutions we’ll recommend will be totally aligned with your objectives, to support your growth and overall success.

Meet our consultants

With over 25 years IT consultancy experience, our team will become an extension of your team. You’ll work with highly experienced consultants who have supported businesses of all sizes, providing the tailored solution you need to drive excellence and foster growth.

Jamie Hissitt Head of Consultancy

Jamie Hissitt (CBCI)

Head of Consultancy & Strategic Engagement
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Jamie has partnered with hundreds of businesses, gaining invaluable insights into their IT needs. Armed with this strategic insight and two decades of IT experience, Jamie has spearheaded game-changing IT and strategic initiatives across a multitude of business functions.

Key Areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Estate Management
  • Compliance & Policies
  • Merger & Acquisition IT integration
  • Risk Management
  • Coaching & IT Leadership

Matt Holden Senior Consultant

Matt Holden (MBCS)

Senior Consultant
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With 19 years’ service in the IT industry and a decade dedicated to IT Leadership, Matts’ experience spans across multiple sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, and science. His role encompasses hands-on project management, whilst spearheading the creation and implementation of comprehensive policies and procedures.

Key Areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Estate Management
  • Compliance, Policies & Procedure Management
  • IT Migration, Integration & Due Diligence
  • IT Budget & Project Management

Fully accredited consultants

Our consultants are fully accredited, showcasing commitment and capability to deliver for our clients.

How IT consulting works

our step by step process

Our seamless five step IT consultancy process gives you all the information, help and support you need.

Air IT consultant strategic diagram flow chart

1. Analyse

Before we begin any project, we’ll take the time to fully understand your needs, vision, and the desired outcomes you have.

2. Plan

Only once we’ve gained that understanding, will we start to put a full plan into place. You can be sure of transparent and effective communication, which allows for flexibility in the consultancy process

3. Design

We’ll then bring together all of the information found in our analysis and planning stages, to design your vision, which we can then deliver.

4. Deliver

Once we’ve gotten the designs, we can start to bring your roadmap to life, to bring you one step closer to achieving your business goals.

5. Manage

Whether you require day-to-day management, or top-level support, we’ll be on-hand to help, working towards constant improvement for the future.

Case Studies – who we’ve helped with our IT consulting services

“Jamie has been an invaluable asset to our team at AB Produce for over 12 months now. Throughout this time, he has seamlessly managed our day-to-day IT operations and projects, alleviating any worries or concerns we may have had.

His unwavering commitment to our business’s best interests is evident in everything he does, and knowing that Jamie’s expertise is just a call away has not only propelled our IT initiatives forward, but has also ensured prudent spending whilst keeping our third-party partners accountable.”

Neil Sharratt, Finance Director, A B Produce PLC



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