Need some help with your backups and business continuity plan?

Despite your best efforts, it’s impossible to fully predict and prevent disaster or downtime. That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared to continue business operations no matter what life throws at you.

Our business backup and continuity services can be tailored to suit all kinds of needs. Whether you’re responsible for a single backup or oversee information security as part of an internal team, we can help you find the right solution. We can also put systems in place to help you seamlessly transition from onsite to remote working.

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Protect your business from downtime and disaster

With no data, you have no business – and the cost of downtime can be huge. From lost orders and revenue to reputational damage and regulatory fines, it can be incredibly difficult to stay in business after a disaster should you have no plan in place.

Disasters are usually caused by things like software failure, accidental damage or human error. They can, however, occur for any number of reasons, from scenarios such as fires and floods to cyberattacks – the latter has seen a huge increase since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Plus, GDPR requires businesses to put appropriate measures in place to restore access to personal data, so it’s never been more relevant to take control of your business continuity management.

Where you may need a little extra help

From consultation and planning to project delivery as well as ongoing business continuity management, regular testing and support, we can offer everything you’d expect and more.

  • Protect your critical systems and data – prevention rather than cure
  • Minimise risk – replicate data in real-time to prevent data loss
  • Strategic guidance and advice – we’ll work with you to create a solution to meet your unique recovery objectives
  • 24/7 monitoring and management – we’ll ensure your backups are a success
  • Regular testing included – which means even less for you to worry about
  • Ongoing support – all our technicians are fully accredited and trained to support you

Here’s how we can help

Whether your systems are physical, virtual or a mix of both, our business continuity services, will ensure they’re fully protected and available when you need them.

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Industry leading BDR solutions

We partner with industry-leading experts and vendors to deliver the most reliable and resilient backup and business continuity solutions

IT solutions

Image level backups

Image-based snapshots of your systems ensure full and comprehensive protection of your data

ISO, ITIL, SDI Aligned

Quick & efficient data restoration

Using unique technology, we can spin your backup up into a virtualised environment within minutes when you need it most

Disaster Recovery

Regular automated backups

Backups can be configured to replicate in real-time or as often as you need to reduce the risk of data loss

Cross-platform solutions

We’ll take care of all your backup needs, with cross-platform solutions for all your Windows, Linux and cloud based systems

Fully accredited - Air IT support

Accreditations & expertise

All of our technicians are fully trained and accredited to support you with all your backup and business continuity needs

Our Solutions

Business Continuity Plan

The best backup and disaster recovery option for businesses, it’s often thought of as an ‘insurance policy’ for your data. Business continuity services and solutions ensure you can recover data within a defined time-frame, no matter what the reason.


We provide best-in-class solutions for large enterprises and SMEs utilising trusted industry-leading partners Veeam and StorageCraft ShadowProtect to ensure full protection. You can expect automated backups at regular intervals to minimise any risk of data loss. As well as saving you time, you’ll benefit from full peace of mind knowing your systems are protected. These backups are image-based, so you can continue in a virtual environment should your physical system fail.

As well as our world-class solutions, we’ll help with all your continuity needs – from planning and consultation to project delivery and ongoing support.

Online Backup

Despite what many people think, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications aren’t automatically backed up just because they’re in the cloud.

It is still possible for data loss to occur – causes are usually accidental, such as file deletion or overwriting the wrong document. Plus, with cybercriminals increasingly taking advantage of vulnerable remote working setups, the risk of malware and cyber scams is also becoming more of a threat.

Essential for combating human error, our solutions provide automatic protection for all your SaaS and cloud-based applications, including Microsoft 365, G Suite and more.

We can also help you archive inactive user accounts, so you can retain information long after an employee leaves, saving you the expense of unnecessary monthly subscriptions.

Managed Backup

Our managed backup services can help you safeguard your data and minimise the risk of lost information.

We’ll ensure your backup is reliable and correctly configured, as well as do all the time intensive tasks like regular testing to make sure you’re meeting compliance standards. Our services are all virtualisation ready too, so your systems will be up-and-running again in the shortest time possible, if or when you need to recover.

As with all our services, you’ll receive ongoing support should you need any advice or assistance.

Contingency Planning

It’s important to have a plan in place for any event that could affect your productivity, whether that’s a pandemic, a natural disaster or a financial crisis.

Business continuity is about more than the disaster recovery and backup solutions that come into play after an event has occurred. We’ll help you plan ahead for the kinds of contingencies that are most likely to disrupt your business, so that you’re ready for whatever comes next. Being proactive is an important part of your business continuity strategy and helps to ensure that, no matter your location, you can continue operations with full access to your IT systems and data.

We only partner with the best

We partner with industry-leading backup and recovery vendors to safeguard your business data. Utilising the most secure solutions available, we deliver the best service for all our clients’ data protection requirements.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Every business is dependent on its ICT and the critical files and data they have. This means that the ability to recover from almost any sort of natural disaster, operational crisis, or even simple data corruption or loss, can be necessary for survival.

DRaaS offers a fail-safe solution that ensures your business-critical data is available for immediate restore in the event of loss or failure.

Discover DRaaS

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