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The cloud is an endlessly evolving force – and so are the businesses that embrace it. With Cloud Transformation, you can change the way you work in exactly the way you choose by embracing the productive potential of the cloud.

The successful enterprise doesn’t see the cloud as a tool. It recognises it as a platform for fresh new thinking, unrivalled technical potential, and near-limitless possibilities for your business strategy.

Rethink what it means to manage your business with Cloud Transformation services from Air IT.

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A Fresh New Beginning

From the ground up, develop an all-seeing-eye over your business capacity. From your users to your infrastructure, we set out your vision through the lens of the cloud-empowered enterprise.

Cost optimising

Calculated for Cost

Calculate monthly budgets, returns on investment, and the long-term savings of your new cloud investment. We’ll help you identify business-wide cost-cutting opportunities.

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Built for Your Business

Ensure every last solution is tailored to your demands. Create an infrastructure custom-built to processes and policies, fortified with ongoing support from the people who know it best.

Mature Processes - Air IT support

Facilitating your Future

Ensure every last solution can grow with your business. Scalable solutions across the board mean your new cloud solution is built to last and limitless in its potential.

Our Approach

We’re not interested in just selling cloud solutions. We’re interested in enabling business brilliance – which is why we take a personal approach to your Cloud Transformation.

Steady and Structured

It’s not about how many cloud services you adopt, it’s how smartly you adopt them. We explore your setup, your goals and your pain points, embrace your company ethics and aspirations, and deliver nothing but the solutions that drive them forward.

Security First

As with any of our technical solutions, we put your protection first. Whether Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud solution, we ensure neither your online nor on-premises security is sacrificed when adopting your latest technologies.

IT Strategy


You’re taking a major technological step – so let’s ensure you don’t suffer a single disruption. We don’t make a single move without a thoroughly planned and approved cloud strategy, developed alongside your business.

Set for Success

We cover the launch, migration and ongoing support of your Cloud Transformation, not only ensuring your new setup is successful, but is achieving the results your business deserves

Relied on by Multiple Industries and Enterprises

From Medical to Manufacturing, Property to Public Sector, hundreds of companies across multiple industries rely on our Cloud Transformation services and on-going support to broaden their business capabilities.

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