Protecting Your Productivity

When it comes to the cloud, security is a two-way street. You’ve an all-new online workspace to protect, set upon by an evolving cyber threat landscape. Yet you also have a near-infinite resource for revolutionary security solutions.

At Air IT, we specialise in delivering Cloud Security that’s both protected and perfected.

Zero Trust

Trust nothing, assess everything. We apply Zero Trust principles where needed, to ensure everything – whatever it is – is analysed and scrutinised as it passes through your network.

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Manage and Defend Users

Wherever your users work from, our systems ensure they’re managed as well as protected. Secure users with industry-leading MFA solutions and manage their access policies to prevent accidental breaches.

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Deploy Scalable Solutions

Custom-built Cloud Security protects everything in and out of the cloud, while leveraging it for unparalleled protective potential.

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For Every Endpoint

Protect users, emails and devices with some of the industry’s most respected and accredited Cyber Security solutions.

SaaS Secured and Data Defended

Not everything is defended by default – including your Microsoft 365 files, which we protect behind SaaS backup and cloud recovery solutions.

Managed Cyber Security

Cyber Security

It’s not limited to the cloud, we offer fully certified, advanced cyber security services and compliance support to protect your business from increasing threat.

Protecting Your Interest

Cloud Security isn’t just for your protection. It’s a way of upholding your regulatory requirements, managing your security costs, and driving user productivity.

Cost optimising


You can never be too secure – but you can spend too much on security. Scalable Cloud Security helps avoid the common mistake of paying for surplus solutions.

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Provide an unyielding overview of your workplace security with solutions such as Azure Sentinel – AI-empowered Cyber Security that learns as it protects.

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Scale solutions to suit your situation. When your company’s security circumstances change, it’s never been easier to adjust accordingly.

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Liberate your IT resources. With our Security Operations Centre, all scanning, remediating and reporting is handled by us – letting you concentrate on what matters.

Relied on by Multiple Industries and Enterprises

From Medical to Manufacturing, Property to Public Sector, hundreds of companies across multiple industries rely on our Cloud Security services and on-going support to broaden their business capabilities.

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