In today’s landscape, modern businesses are no strangers to the benefits of collaboration and teamwork. Microsoft Teams has unlocked a new way of working for thousands of companies all over the world. Discover six key features that could benefit your organisation today.

What are the benefits of Microsoft teams


What is Microsoft Teams?

Part of the Office 365 family, Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool designed to enable communication and teamwork, and improve productivity.
With over half a million businesses now taking advantage of the growing platform, Microsoft is continually adding new and exciting features to better user experience and boost its functions. We’ve shared the top features to make sure you’re getting the most from Teams.


1. Meetings are better than ever before

Not only cost and time-effective, the ability to host and attend meetings virtually is now a must for all businesses.

Teams gives you easy access to schedule and attend meetings, with a quick view of their time, subject and a list of attendees available in the calendar. Voice and video conferencing are simple to setup and host, with interactive document and screen sharing available at the click of a button.

Afterwards, you’ll find a recording available immediately in the meeting tab, so anyone who didn’t attend or needs a recap can quickly catch up with what they missed.


2. Customisation at your fingertips

Every business is different, and Teams was quick to recognise this. You can integrate with a wide range of third-party apps to enable further productivity and ease of working. From Salesforce and Trello, to Wikipedia Search and YouTube, the possibilities are endless.


3. The ideal platform for teamwork

It’s true what they say: Teamwork makes the dreamwork. And Teams really is designed to enable better productivity and collaboration between teammates. Whether it’s a one-to-one chat with a colleague, or a group message with the full team, conversations are quick and easy.

But Teams offers more than just chat. You can share files, to-do lists and meetings with co-workers, and edit them together in real time.

Plus, with compatibility across all devices – whether it’s your desktop, mobile, or tablet – your team will benefit from being able to work together anywhere and at any time.


4. Never miss an important message

With @mentions, you can make sure your messages don’t go unnoticed. And, thanks to new functions like “Set Delivery Options”, you can mark messages as Important and Urgent, even sending recipients notifications every 2 minutes until they read your message.


5. Improved security

One of the key features of Teams, and where it really excels against other similar platforms, is the enhanced security it offers. Designed to meet the same high security and protection standards as Office 365, you’ll benefit from end-to-end security, administrative control and compliance.

Want to safeguard your employee’s accounts from weak or stolen passwords? No problem; multi-factor authentication can be set up within minutes.


6. It’s already included in your Office 365 licence

The good news is that Microsoft offers a free, no commitments version of Teams to everyone – even if you don’t have Office 365 – that allows up to 300 users to chat and share documents.

But, if you’re operating Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise E3, you’ll already have access to the additional advanced features and security benefits not offered in the free version. Simply log into your Office 365 portal and download the app.


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