Firefish is an international insight consultancy based in London. As partners to a range of global brands Firefish brings unconventional thinking to audience and cultural insights, brand strategy, brand communications, innovation and customer experience and service design to deliver uncommon insight.

Key Outcomes

  • Transformed IT into a proactive discipline, instead of reactive
  • Delivering improved help desk support
  • Developed a strategic and tested disaster recovery plan
  • Created a roadmap for global IT policy and investment that is firmly rooted in commercial processes and objectives
  • Supported Firefish through its attainment of an ISO 27001 certification
  • Supported Firefish with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint migration

The Challenges

Firefish was looking for a new IT partner having outgrown their previous IT supplier. Developments in research methodologies and client information security demands also meant that Firefish needed more large-scale and sophisticated IT support. Air IT was one of three shortlisted IT support companies. They needed a partner than would genuinely work with them to streamline and improve systems.

Information is at the heart of everything Firefish does, and that meant they require an IT partner that can help them take a strategic approach to IT and information security.

There are many challenges with having an estate of both Mac and Windows devices, the most important is ensuring the same level of data security is implemented for both Mac and Windows devices. Air IT have been excellent in sourcing and configuring services that provide excellent data security for our Macs.

The Addigy tool sourced, supplied and set up has been a great addition to our IT infrastructure, providing us with a great level of detail, control, and protection for our Mac estate. This has made our compliance with industry standards much easier.

Having a service desk dedicated to Mac support has resulted in much faster turnaround times for our staff and has resulted in a boost to productivity for our staff using Macs. The Mac team provide a brilliant level of support for our Macs and has been knowledgeable, attentive, and helpful, and are always happy to work with us and our staff and willing to go the extra mile to ensure great support.

I would absolutely recommend the Mac service from Air IT. After dealing with previous MSPs supporting Macs, I’ve found that the level of service offered by other MSPs leaves much to be desired. However, we consider the Mac support from Air IT to be as good as Windows support.

Daron Gardi
IT & Information Security Manager

Firefish Logo

The Approach

Air IT fulfils two main roles for Firefish. Firstly, in delivering day-to-day IT support. Secondly, general systems development and strategic support to ensure that IT systems are effective and compliant.

The Firefish team began working with us to develop a new IT roadmap for the business. Having a structured plan in place would help Firefish to determine what IT systems they needed to invest in and when.

One of the first actions from the roadmap was to enhance Firefish’s business continuity and disaster recovery plans and develop a structured plan to ensure the business could continue to operate under whatever disruption it faced. We helped with scenario planning to help ensure comprehensive plans are in place and rigorously tested them.

The Outcome

Firefish has experienced twofold benefits from partnering with Air IT. Firstly, they receive improved helpdesk support daily, with dedicated help from the Mac team. Secondly, they now have access to strategic support for long-term IT decision-making.

Air IT has implemented a structured approach to support, leading to improved internal processes around change management through the raising of support tickets.

Air IT’s support desk services surpass the quality of their previous supplier. Clear, itemized, and monthly billings allow Firefish to understand the fixed costs for the support desk service.

The roadmap is supported through regular contact with their dedicated account manager, who is on hand to answer queries, as well as during the quarterly scheduled account meetings.

Special Projects

We have also supported Firefish to ensure that its information security systems are effective and compliant, and have supported them throughout their ISO 27001 certification.

Jude Legg (Head of Privacy & Legal) at Firefish says, “Air IT ‘get it’.  Going for ISO 27001 is not something we could have entertained with our previous IT company.  But Air IT are ISO 27001 compliant themselves.  They are familiar with the process and what the certification demands.  Their support has been pivotal in a lot of the process and I think without a strong partner we wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

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