For International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March, we’ll be encouraging our employees to join us in the mission to create a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Today at Air IT, we thought we’d share what we’re doing to celebrate the brilliant women working in various roles across the Group.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is #EmbraceEquity. Embracing equity means recognising and actively promoting fairness and justice in all aspects of life and creating a society where all individuals have the same chances to thrive and reach their full potential, regardless of their differences. This is particularly relevant considering it’s no secret that there are much fewer women than men in the IT and tech industry, though it’s something we’re passionate about changing.

On International Women’s Day, we’re going to celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives, explore the inequalities faced by women and raise money for local women’s charities across our regions.


Wearing it purple

We invited the whole of Air IT to show their support for all of the amazing women in their lives, whether they be in the workplace or in their personal lives, by wearing purple. Our teams may have been mistaken for a bar of dairy milk or Professor Plum, but we were delighted with the amount of people who took part. Here’s some photos from our ‘purple’ teams across the group:



Raising money for local women’s refuges

Across our offices, we encouraged our employees to do what they can to raise money that will be donated to local women’s refuges and support services. Whether they hosted a bake sale, taking part in a fun run, setting up a ‘swear jar’ or putting on an office ‘juke box’, the teams came up with some great ideas to raise money to support some great local charities.

Our Nottingham office prepared an array of delicious treats for their bake sale fundraiser. From mini egg cookies and gooey brownies to donuts and rocky road, the variety of baked goods sure satisfied our sweet tooth’s.


50 ways to fight bias workshop

To create conversation surrounding the biases women face in the workplace, our interactive workshop will explore how microaggressions form a day-to-day part of discrimination and the ways we can combat bias.

All colleagues across the group are welcomed to attend the workshop, where there will be opportunities to share their thoughts and experiences, as well as responding to questions raised within the group. We’re looking forward to exploring how we can fight bias, both in the workplace and in our personal lives, and how we can take a stance and combat the biases women are faced with.

Our ’50 ways to fight bias workshop’ is planned to take place on Thursday 9th March and we already have a great number of Air IT ladies getting involved. We look forward to sharing the outcome of the workshop in due course.


Celebrating women at Air IT

Here at Air IT, we are proud that 21% of our workforce is made up of talented women compared to an industry average of 19%. There is still a long way to go to encourage more women into the IT and tech industries, but we strive to be part of that progress.

There are plenty of roles available across the Air IT Group, open to people of all backgrounds and genders – check out our Careers page to see what it’s like to work at Air IT and apply for any of our roles.

Let's break the bias together