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Infrastructure lifecycle

We can assist with all or part of your ICT Infrastructure lifecycle requirements:

ICT Infrastructure lifecycle diagram - Air IT support

Why Air-IT for ICT Infrastructure?

Any ICT Service Provider worth its salt can offer a full range of services around IT Infrastructure. Most of them will struggle to explain why they’re different or why that matters though.

Understanding business needs first

  • We pride ourselves on a balance of understanding between both your business and technical needs. We ensure that your technology supports your business goals and works as a sound platform for continued growth and development.

Technical and commercial experience

  • We’ve got enthusiastic, passionate technical people (with all the expected certifications), and our management team includes a wealth of commercial experience (including a regional “entrepreneur of the year” winner!).

  • So whether you manage an IT Team or you run the business, we can speak your language and work with you. And we pride ourselves on our no-nonsense, plain-speaking, and up-front approach.

All your technology needs covered

  • We’re also experts in telephony, communications and connectivity, as well as IT infrastructure, so we can cover all your technology needs. Few other providers can offer this.

How we can help

Operational scenarios

We can help to make sure your ICT infrastructure:

  • Is aligned with your business goals and supports true ROI
  • Is flexible, scalable and future proof
  • Is prepared and supported during and after office moves
  • Ensures business continuity and avoids disruption or disaster
  • Meets any growth and new business needs you may have
  • Is prepared for mergers and acquisitions

Technical Operations

We can work on our own or alongside your internal technical team to:

  • Assess how latest technology can be used to help improve business operations
  • Identify better ways to get things done, find efficiencies, and make your life easier
  • Help design and implement new infrastructure
  • Manage and implement infrastructure upgrades
  • Remote support for infrastructure through event management

Technical scope of our expertise

We cover all or any of the following areas:

  • Cloud solutions and hosting
  • On-premise and Hybrid infrastructure solutions
  • Networking and directory configuration/management
  • Mobility solutions, including VPN and Security
  • Email systems
  • Backup, High Availability, SAN, and continuity solutions
  • Networking, including routing, switching, firewalling and VLANs
  • Remote monitoring and management solutions
  • Cabling – testing, re-cabling, patching, and installations
  • Connectivity (including broadband and site-to-site private networks)
  • Telephony solutions – including integrated PBX replacements, and mobile phones

What Next?

If you’d like to discuss your ICT infrastructure requirements, need more information or advice, then please contact us today or call 0115 880 004 and speak to one of our infrastructure specialists.

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