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datto professional partner Air IT supportDesigned for all sized businesses, Datto’s next-generation solutions offer a robust software platform, custom physical hardware, and virtual options — all connected securely to the Cloud.

Combined with our IT support and expertise, Datto provide the most robust and seamless Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) and business continuity solutions available through best-in-class solutions based on superior technology.

Datto solutions are only available through accredited Datto Partners like Air-IT. We’re a Datto Professional Partner  and experts in deploying, supporting and supplying their full range of technologies, including SIRIS, ALTO and Datto NAS.

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Benefits of Datto’s true disaster recovery

Datto logo - Air IT supportDatto offers Hybrid Cloud technology where some of the components are on your premises and others are located in the Cloud. This provides a number of benefits as follows:

Increased fault tolerance

  • Having copies of your data in more than one location means that you have more than one chance of recovery. You’re also covered against hardware or media damage, caused, for example, by fire or flooding in your office. Having devices on your premises and in the cloud (Hybrid cloud model) also increases fault tolerance against theft or component failure.

Optimal bandwidth utilisation

  • Datto is intelligent when it comes to how much bandwidth you have. It takes any bottlenecks into account when copying your data between local devices and Cloud locations. Replication can also be scheduled to keep everything moving during business hours. Just the changes in your data are replicated, to give better performance and lower network utilisation.

Faster recovery

  • Depending on the recovery situation, data or images can be restored from the location that offers the highest performance and the shortest recovery time. Functionality is resumed in the shortest possible time.

Better integrity

  • Datto stores several replicas of your data. This improves integrity by ensuring that you’re able to roll back to a time before file or data corruption occurred. Datto is also able to build virtual backup images, replacing patches of corrupt data with known good versions from other replicas.

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Instant Continuity through virtualisation

If you have backed-up an image of a virtualised server, for example, Datto is able to start up the virtual machine (VM) directly on your on-premise device and even from the Cloud, typically within five seconds.

This can be a god-send in a situation where you need access to critical services and don’t have spare hardware to hand. It could save you hours of downtime when you most need it.

You can adjust CPU, memory and network resources on the resulting VM without a restart too.

Advanced verification

It is utterly critical that a business continuity solution works when needed. With this in mind, a key enabler is being able to verify the integrity of data and images before they are needed. This functionality (screenshot backup verification) is unique to Datto’s business continuity solutions, and provides:

  • Automated verification and testing
  • Alerts when unexpected events occur in recovery tests
  • Images and VMs are tested to ensure they are bootable


Datto Siris family - Air IT support

Further optimisation

No compromise and no risk

  • Datto uses its inverse chain technology to build images like sophisticated incremental backups in a way that optimises backup time but ensures that there is no risk from integrity issues.

Protection against backup corruption

  • If any data is lost or corrupt, it can be pulled from prior images, creating a new and complete image.

Best recovery speeds

  • Fewer snags are possible. Trying to piece together a bootable image (or sets of files that are not corrupt) from different backups is a nightmare and can cause hours of additional downtime. Being able to build a bootable image before attempting a restore (know as Inverse chain technology) is priceless in these type of scenarios when time is of the essence.

Intelligent audit trails

Datto’s Backup Insights functionality builds an audit trail from its images and data. This can be used to identify file updates and deletions in the process of support and troubleshooting.

Virtualisation-ready and optimised

Image based backup of data and VMs ensure fast system restores together with optimal times for backup and minimum traffic across the network. Together with the VM specific features mentioned above, Datto is a perfect disaster recovery solution for virtualised environments.

What next ?

Datto Partner banner - Air IT supportDatto solutions are only available through accredited Datto Partners like Air-IT – we’re Datto Professional partner and experts in deploying and supporting their full range of technologies.

Together with our expertise in IT and communications, and industry leading IT support and monitoring services, we’re your perfect choice when planning and building your business continuity solution.

To find out more about Datto solutions, business continuity or any of our other services, please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to one of our expert team.

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