Managing your print environment with Air IT

Smart devices are changing business operations worldwide and smart printers are no exception. Combined with innovative software solutions, managed print services can be the key to unlocking greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Unnecessary printing and copying wastes paper, energy, money and time. It can also hurt the environment and presents security risks when documents are not used or disposed of responsibly.

But thanks to increasing capabilities, managed print services like Lexmark Advantage MPS Core are changing the way for a smarter future.

Benefits of Managed Print

The benefits of managed print are far-reaching. Businesses who use these services typically depend on fewer devices, print fewer pages, and spend much less than those with a traditional print environment.

Managed Print - Air IT support

Greater control

Managing your print services can help you monitor usage and identify where you can reduce output to save resources and money.

Flexible financing - Air IT support

Predictable pricing

We’ll help you determine your average usage and create a predictable monthly pricing structure that covers all of your hardware, supplies and service costs so there are never any expensive surprises.

IT Procurement

Proactive supply management

Take care of all your printing supplies automatically. Free up time managing and storing stock, and only pay for what you use.

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Service & support on tap

With routine maintenance as standard, we’ll monitor the health of your printers to keep you ahead of any outages. In the event of any issues, we’ll come out within the next working day at no extra charge.

Secure print solutions

Protect sensitive documents with secure print solutions that support confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

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Reduce your environmental impact

With 100% of consumables either reused or recycled, you can support environmental policies and initiatives with zero waste sent to landfill.

Someone scanning a piece of paper on a multi function printer

Choosing the right printer for your business

As a Lexmark Gold Partner, we’ll help you pick from a range of efficient and versatile Lexmark printers to suit your usage.

Whether you need mono or colour devices, Air IT supply everything from compact desktop printers to multi-function solutions that allow you to print, copy, scan and fax from a single device.

  • Multi-Function Printers

Multi-function printers are ideal for larger businesses or those with a higher print volume. They’re also the go to choice for businesses who want to print, copy, scan and fax from a single device.

As standard, Lexmark MFPs come loaded with extensive features such as smart tocuh screen technology and workflow solutions.

Although these are much bigger than a compact desktop printer, there are a number of space saving devices available to those who wish to combine the practicality of a smaller device with the features and full functionality of an MFP.

Other special professional MFP features include Patnone® colour matching and multiple input trays.

  • Compact Desktop Printers

Compact desktop printers are typically suited to smaller businesses with basic or minimal printing needs. As the name suggests, compact desktop printers requie very little space and are readily equipped with a range of user-friendly features.

Lexmark Compact Desktop Printers also provide an excellent print quality to rival much bigger counterparts.

Although specific features vary by model, these printers will print standard A4 and A3 paper sizes, in mono or colour finishes.


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