With the pandemic causing a great switch to technology, businesses are turning to data-driven decision making to make faster assessments and stay ahead of the competition. Learn why now more than ever your company should introduce a Business Intelligence strategy! Unlock trends, improve forecasting, and drive results throughout your team by unlocking the power of data insights inside your organisation with Microsoft’s Power BI platform.

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As organisations continue to evolve through digital transformation, businesses are processing more data than ever before. With 69% of businesses failing to invest in or develop a data-driven plan, companies are unaware of the key data insights that can be unlocked through business intelligence to help them succeed. In our latest webinar, our business intelligence expert Darren Turner explains the importance of data and how to introduce ‘The Power BI plan’ to give you the competitive edge.

In a 2020 digital transformation survey conducted by McKinsey Research, it identified that over the past 12 months businesses are increasingly seeing the importance of advanced cloud-technologies in business decision making, with a *21% shift towards this. However, with less than *half of businesses having sufficient talent in cutting-edge digital analytics at their disposal, understanding and unlocking the power of data with business intelligence has been limited to large enterprises – until now.

By introducing The Power BI plan, you will learn what steps your business needs to take to get the most out of data and implement your own business intelligence strategy. Using real case examples, we will demonstrate how Power BI can help SMEs unlock data across all areas of the business. From operations and accounting, to customer services, and marketing, business intelligence will help you to identify new trends, improve efficiencies, and drive productivity throughout your entire team. You will be provided with essential guidance and advice to help make The Power BI plan work for your organisation. Learn why Power BI is essential now more than ever and how to efficiently implement data into your wider business strategy along with the most effective ways for adoption.

*McKinsey Research Survey 2020 


Give your business the head start in 2021 by joining Head of Business Intelligence and data specialist, Darren Turner from Air IT on Wednesday 3rd February at 1pm as he shares The Power BI plan.

Utilising his expert knowledge and experience, Darren has provided Business Intelligence services for some of the world’s leading businesses and retailers and is now providing an insight into the world of big tech and big data to help you build the foundations and reset how your organisation uses and thinks about data.


What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Power BI
  • The Power BI plan – From strategy to adoption
  • Understanding the limitations and pitfalls
  • Establishing a Power BI team with key stakeholders
  • How to collect and collate data
  • Understanding what matters to your business
  • Introducing KPIs to monitor performance
  • The importance of data mobility – breaking down data silos within systems and teams
  • Using scorecards and leader boards to motivate performance
  • How to hit the ground running and share data with your teams quickly
  • Best practices around managing reports and dashboards
  • Q&A – ask the expert


Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is suitable for business owners, directors, and those who are responsible for management, operations and business transformation’ within their workplace.


Please note: This webinar is exclusively for businesses and we reserve the right to refuse access if a conflict of interest should occur. When registering, please ensure your email address is linked to your business name (same domain name). Attendees using personal email addresses could be refused access to the session. By signing up for the webinar you agree for us to contact you with information regarding this event and any related services