With cloud computing and digital transformation on the rise, the practice of flexible and remote working is not a new phenomenon.

However, the recent surge in working from home – due to COVID-19 – means you may need to bolster your remote working strategy or consider new ways of working to ensure business continuity

Working from home is now the norm but, with restrictions constantly changing, employees need flexibility from their workplace. So, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your staff can seamlessly and securely transition between the office, their home, and anywhere in between. Our experienced team will help you ensure that employees have the systems and resources to take calls, access files and complete everyday tasks no matter where they’re based.

Many of our best-in-class remote IT solutions can be deployed without us needing to be onsite. Please contact us today for more information.

Remote working solutions you can trust

With benefits including greater flexibility, as well as increases in productivity and employee satisfactionremote working can help your business in more ways than one.

However, an effective remote working strategy requires careful planning and implementation. This is where Air IT can help.  

From productivity and collaboration tools, through to business communications and IT support for end users, we’ve got everything you need to ensure your business can work seamlessly in the office and on the go. 

Microsoft Teams

Take collaboration and unified communications to the next level with Microsoft Teams. Much more than instant messaging, Teams provides a place to chat, call, meet and collaborate with your colleagues in a single platform. Edit and share live documents and bring all your tools together with ready to use and custom integrations for line of business applications.  

Teams Talk Phone System

Phone Systems for Microsoft Teams

Take your Microsoft Teams capabilities to the next level by unifying your communications through Teams Talk – our feature-rich phone systems which integrates with your Microsoft Teams environment to unlock and enable external calls, reporting, PCI call recording and more!

Office 365 - Air IT support

Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace

Transform the way you work with the Microsoft Modern Workplace. Housing the full suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity applications including Office 365, SharePoint and Azure, the Modern Workplace provides the perfect platform for productive and efficient remote working

Air IT support phone systems


Take your phone remote with VoIP. Not only more cost-effective than traditional telephony, our VoIP solutions will allow your team to make and answer calls seamlessly across their desk phone and mobile. Benefit from advanced conference features, bringing your team together wherever they’re working from.  

Virtual CIO Services

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Whether working from home or on the move, the hosted virtual desktop allows employees to access their work desktop, files and applications from any device with an internet connection.  

Secure access

With employees working beyond the physical boundaries of the office, ensuring they can access everything they need securely is critical. With our Mobile Device and Enterprise Mobility Managementyou can enforce access policies to manage applications and apply restrictions across both personal and corporately owned devices.  

Best-of-breed security systems & tools icon

Device security & intelligence

With advanced device security, your users will be protected regardless of their location and without the need to be connected to an office network or VPN, blocking malicious connections and preventing malware or phishing attempts. Report and track employee productivity with web usage and filtering capabilities.  

Productivity maximised - Air IT support

Real-time analytics

When working from home, it’s important you have trust in your team to deliver on objectives. With real-time analytics, you can monitor and report on individual users performance. From call monitoring, productivity or KPI development through BI, giving your full transparency and confidence. 

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Remote Working

What are the benefits of remote working? 

It’s no secret that working from home or remotely can bring many benefits, including increased productivity, boosted employee satisfaction and morale, and lower facilities costs. But what impact does remote working have on IT?

Ironically, rather than increasing complexity, extending your IT infrastructure beyond the boundaries of the office will reduce your support burden and, while your capital investment in technology is limited, your ongoing ICT costs will be lowered. Through simple economies of scale, Cloud-based systems used in remote working are protected by business continuity and availability. 

Air Sec cyber security services in the UK and beyond

Free eBook: Cyber Security When Working From Home

There has been a significant increase in cybercrime due to a combination of factors, such as personal devices being used for work and staff letting their guard down to phishing attempts. Our free eBook provides actionable tips and advice on how to make your remote operations more secure.

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We have years’ experience in helping companies embrace remote working. Whether you’re looking to implement a full, partial or temporary remote working strategy, we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits.  

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