Microsoft are constantly evolving MS Teams with new features and enhancements that are revolutionising the way businesses work and operate. 

MS Teams Custom Background



From March onwards much of the world went into a global pandemic lockdown. As less tech-reliant businesses battled with digital transformation, those who had previously invested in modern technology and remote working solutions, were able to transform their workforce to homeworkers almost instantaneously, thanks to collaboration tools such as MS Teams.

As the world adapted to remote working and collaboration, so did Microsoft, quickly evolving MS Teams to meet user trends and habits, with a range of new features.

One of these features now allows users to easily customise their video call backgrounds, meaning video callers can appear to be anywhere in the world, and businesses can benefit from introducing corporate branding to their own video call meetings in just a few easy steps.

MS Teams Background Example


Create your corporate background – Firstly you’ll need to create a 1920×1080 pixel graphic to be used as your background. Once happy, save and export the image to a JPG or PNG file.

Start video call and show background effects – Open MS Teams and startup your video call, then select additional options “…” (the button with 3 dots). This will bring up a new popup box, select the “Show background effects”¬†option.

MS Teams Background effects

Add new, upload, and apply – You’ll then be given the option to choose an existing MS Teams default background, or “Add new”. Select “Add new” and choose your image to upload. Once uploaded, select your background, preview it, and then apply to make it live.

MS Teams Background Upload

You’re now ready to showcase your company’s brand identity in your next Microsoft Teams meeting, and ensure your brand is being represented in future business meetings.

MS Teams Custom Background main


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