Remote working can be hugely beneficial for both your business and your employees – providing you can maintain motivation, stay productive, and manage a healthy work-life balance. We’ve shared our top tips for successful home working.

Top tips for successful home working


Having the right technology to support remote working is one thing, but for those who are used to working in a busy office environment, the prospect of working home alone for an unknown period of time can be daunting.

If you’re looking to create a productive remote working environment, here are some of the top tips we recommend to help you and your remote workers succeed.


Maintain a ‘going to work’ morning routine

Start each day with your usual routine. It sets the mood for the day and helps you get into the right frame of mind for working – so get up, get showered, get dressed!

It is tempting to spend those extra minutes in bed, but you could use your usual commute time to do something productive. There are thousands of free courses and self-help videos available online that you can take advantage of. Exercising is a great way to fill your usual commute time and can boost productivity and improve mental health.

If you normally begin the working day with a coffee at 8.30am while you read your emails and create a to do list, then keep that up. We are creatures of habit so you may find your day more productive if you maintain your regular routine.


Set yourself deadlines

Staying organised and managing your time is essential if you want to maintain productivity. Spending a few minutes each morning writing out your daily to-do list will help you stay focussed and accountable for your work.

As well as giving you that extra bit of motivation to complete a project or piece of work on time, you’ll set expectations to your colleagues on what you’re delivering and when. This will help you take control of your work and avoid any confusion.



While remote working can be a fantastic addition to your business continuity plan, the increase in locations also increases the cyber security risks to your company.

To minimise those risks and help safeguard your organisation, you should make sure all your software is up to date and that staff can only remotely access any shared company networks via a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Fraudsters are likely to attempt to capitalise on the current state of unrest and will target individuals while they are on the back foot. Warn your team to be vigilant when opening emails, sharing information or clicking links. Pay particular attention to emails from HMRC and the NHS as these are in the news currently. Find out more on keeping your employees and data safe whilst working remotely.


Stay in touch

Working from home does not have to mean you can’t still enjoy face to face meetings with your immediate colleagues and other contacts.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best platforms out there to aid teamwork and communication. With a range of collaboration tools such as instant messaging, audio and video calls, real-time multi-user document editing, and to do lists, Teams is the perfect app to keep you and your employees productive and engaged.

Alternatively, there a wide range of online conferencing facilities available for free through your browser such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, but make sure your company approves them first.



One of the pitfalls of not having an arrival and departure time is that you can end up in front of your screen for much longer than you would usually.

Plan regular and meaningful breaks into your day. Have lunch with the family away from screens, take the dog for a walk, or call your friends or family members. Take time to stretch and move away from your work area.

Meal prepping your lunches and snacks can help you stay on track with healthy eating and will also save you time during the day. Try and limit your coffee in take, and drink plenty of water.


Set your team up for success

If you need help developing and deploying remote working solutions, we can get you set up quickly and efficiently, without needing to attend or visit site. Contact us today to speak to a specialist.