Cyber security training is no longer optional for businesses who wish to protect themselves against threats.

When it comes to IT security, employees pose a major risk to the integrity of your business and its resilience to attack. Even the best security systems can be compromised by users who are unaware or have their guard down. In fact, over 90% of successful network breaches are caused by human error, whilst recent reports suggest 95% of attacks could have been prevented with basic cyber hygiene.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals know this and commonly use this knowledge to their advantage. So as threats continue to grow in number and complexity, it’s critical to ensure your workforce is ready to recognise and respond to attack.

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Take control of your defence

In today’s heavily regulated business environment, employers simply cannot afford to ignore the increasing risk of cybercrime.

Threats that target users are especially troublesome and three in four attacks are financially motivated. Phishing attempts are getting more discreet and harder to spot as criminals are making their emails highly convincing. This means you must keep your staff up to speed.

Since users play such a pivotal role in protecting your business, it makes sense to ensure they’re trained on a regular basis.

After 12 months of training, end users are 70% less likely to fall for phishing scams

*Webroot 2019 threat report

How we help

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User Awareness training

Our structured cyber awareness training programme is delivered on-line and provides continuous learning for staff. This reduces the need for one-to-one training and gives you greater flexibility to raise employee awareness when and where its needed.

Your employees will keep up-to-date with the everchanging threat landscape so they can recognise the signs of an impending attack and know how to respond to suspected breaches.

This will also help them understand their responsibilities, including the risks to them as individuals and the organisation as a whole.

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Phishing simulation

We deliver phishing simulation tests to see how your users respond to phishing attacks. Our campaigns are customised and sent at random times to replicate real-life situations.

We’ll monitor responses closely and report back with actionable intelligence to help you address the areas where your users need it most.

Once a learning gap is detected, we provide interactive educational videos and tests to the most susceptible users. Training can be delivered regularly, to reinforce the importance of every employee’s role in protecting your organisation.

Why work with us?


Cost effective, convenient solutions

All of our training and phishing simulations are delivered direct to end users, costing much less than traditional one-to-one and group training sessions.

Managed Cyber Security

Keep staff vigilant against the latest threats

We’ll help you build a security conscious culture, with regular training and interactive educational content to keep users afoot of the ever-changing threat landscape.

Malware protection

Test your susceptibility to attack

We’ll put your employees to the test with simulated phishing attacks so you can identify any gaps and tailor future training initiatives to target areas for improvement.

Mitigate risk

Reduce your risk of compromise through lack of user awareness and avoid fines associated with regulatory compliance.

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