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Why you should use penetration testing to safeguard your business

When it comes to safeguarding your business against the risks of attack, reviewing your existing setup is the first step.

Unfortunately, no business is guaranteed immunity to cyber attacks.

Cybercriminals often take advantage of vulnerabilities such as unpatched systems and software to evade corporate defences.

Zero-day threats pose a much greater risk as hackers attempt to find new vulnerabilities to exploit. This means frequent assessments and penetration testing is essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

Air IT’s penetration testing services have been developed by our most advanced cyber security specialists, who will expose even the tiniest gaps in your security, so they can be corrected before they are exploited.

Our expert testers can simulate the same tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals in the real-world, in a safe and controlled manner which ensures no damage to your systems. This includes testing across your devices, servers, hosts and network services.

Benefits of using a CREST accredited Company

When you choose a CREST member organisation such as Air IT, you can be assured that you are receiving the services of CREST certified professionals.

As a CREST member, Air IT have met the requirements of a rigorous application process. For added assurance, our cyber security team are CREST registered professionals who adhere to strict standards and practices which have been reviewed and endorsed by Governments and Regulators.

What is Pen Testing?

Penetration tests, or pen tests, are designed to uncover weaknesses in your IT systems that could be exploited and used against you.


Whilst a vulnerability scan uses automated tools to find potential security issues, a penetration test is carried out by a professional who ethically replicates the many different tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) employed by malicious cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities, in order to demonstrate their real-world impact. By nature, a penetration test cannot be fully automated as it involves a specialist penetration tester looking for new and creative ways to compromise a system.

By proactively identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities, we will help you to manage and improve your security posture, keeping attackers and intruders at bay.

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Pen testing services are vital for a strong cyber security strategy

As cyber threats evolve and continue to grow in number, regular pen testing is a key component of any business’s cyber security strategy.

Is regular pen testing a legal security requirement? Organisations that need to comply with standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001 must carry out pen tests at least once a year. However, we recommend testing as often as possible so you can minimise risk from newly discovered vulnerabilities and exploits.

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Penetration Testing Services

Our team of highly skilled penetration testers are experienced and fully certified by industry-respected organisations such as Offensive Security, CREST and EC-Council. This means we can thoroughly test all aspects of your IT environment.


What is involved in penetration testing?

Using specialist threat intelligence and ethical hacking techniques, we will simulate an attempt to infiltrate your systems, identifying any vulnerabilities that could cause your business security to be compromised. We will help you prioritise and remediate risk in order of severity, to strengthen your security and keep you one step ahead of cybercriminals.

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Infrastructure & Network Penetration Tests

Our Network Penetration Testing service provides a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment and its resilience to cyber-attack. By leveraging exploits inside and outside your organisation, we’ll demonstrate how a hacker might gain access and control of your network.

We use two main penetration testing methods, covering your external and internal network security.

External infrastructure penetration test

An external pen test aims to mimic an attacker attempting to gain remote initial access to your internal network by exploiting security issues and vulnerabilities present on your boundary devices, such as firewalls and external-facing services, for example line of business applications.

We will rigorously test all your Internet-facing assets including firewalls, line of business applications, email servers and domain name servers. As part of an external pen test, our role is to identify any issues that could lead to a breach of your external network perimeter.


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Internal pentest

Internal infrastructure penetration test

Our internal pen test aims to discover exactly what an inside attacker could achieve with initial access to your network. This could be an attacker who has already compromised your external firewall, or managed to obtain valid remote access credentials via phishing attackers, or a rogue employee who attempts to cause disruption to the system or steal valuable data for monetary gain.

We will emulate the actions and objectives of malicious insiders in order to identify risk and protect your business from illicit activity such as data theft and operational disruption.


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Other methods of penetration testing

Unauthenticated Web Application Penetration Test

Due to the more bespoke nature of each web application, these penetration tests involve looking for previously undiscovered vulnerabilities as well as known (or publicly disclosed) vulnerabilities. In a unauthenticated web application pen test, we methodically assess all initial functionalities exposed to users before login is required, in order to simulate attacks carried out by a malicious attacker to gain access to the authenticated part of the application.

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Authenticated Web Application Penetration Test

Like an internal infrastructure pen test, an authenticated web application pen test starts by assuming a breach and assessing the threat of an insider attacker. Rigorous testing is carried out across all functionalities exposed to an authenticated user, to identify issues that allow an attacker to gain further access to sensitive data or privileged system functionalities (privilege escalation).

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Phishing Simulation Test

Phishing attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. One of the best methods of defence is to ensure your end users remain aware of the threats and stay vigilant. We can help you achieve this with simulated phishing campaigns coupled with user awareness training for the whole organisation. This can be especially effective when delivered at regular intervals.

More focused phishing simulation can also be carried out to target a smaller number of individuals, testing the existing defences in place and detecting attacks and/or monitor breaches.

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Wireless Penetration Test

Wireless networks provide great flexibility for employees, but they can also create the risk of allowing cybercriminals to enter your systems without permission if they are managed ineffectively.

Our team will assess your wireless infrastructure including company and guest Wi-Fi networks to detect any exploitable vulnerabilities such as unsecured encryption protocols, misconfigurations, weak access controls and more. This will enable you to uphold the integrity of your wireless infrastructure and protect your company from would-be attackers.

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Why choose Air IT for pen testing?

IT and Cyber Security Experts

With full expertise in IT and cyber security, we’ll safely exploit your security vulnerabilities in a controlled environment and minimise disruption to operations.

Qualified Cyber Security Experts

Qualified cyber security experts

All our penetration testers are professionally trained experts and are accredited Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) who work in accordance with industry best practices.

Remediating cyber threats and vulnerabilities

We will identify any risk or cyber security threats and help address weak points to combat and improve your security posture.

Trusted cyber security partner

We adhere to proven and ethical penetration testing standards and provide your businesses with a full report of vulnerabilities with recommended steps to resolve them. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our penetration testing costs and services.

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