Ensuring cyber security protection is no longer optional for businesses who wish to protect themselves against threats.

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Air IT email security is designed to protect organisations against sophisticated cyber threats via email, which is one of the most common methods used by cybercriminals to infiltrate your business.

Developed specifically with SMEs in mind, we will be right behind you to ensure your business is kept safe from email attacks of all types.

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Risks to email security:

  • Compromised insiders: External attackers hijack the unsuspecting employee’s account to distribute malware, send phishing emails or exfiltrate data.
  • Careless insiders: Employees who make innocent mistakes as they either ignore or don’t understand security policies and rules.
  • Malicious and/or abusive insiders: Whether damage is done with malicious intent or the behaviour via email is particularly inappropriate, the insider status of employees uniquely positions them to cause significant harm.

With the increasing risk of cybercrime, there is a necessity for robust email protection, and cyber security awareness training.

How we help

We provide the most advanced email protection solution in the fight against cyber threats

Malware protection

Mimecast protection

We’ll ensure your business is protected against email attacks, using our e-mail security Mimecast, which provides advanced protection against threats by using sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and the latest threat intelligence to stop malware, spear phishing and zero-day attacks.

It also provides 100% malware protection, 99% protection against spam and detects security threats that originate from within their email systems.

Mimecast solutions

The Mimecast solution is 100% cloud-based using IEP, a targeted threat protection service, which integrates seamlessly with Mimecast’s full suite of security solutions and supporting all types of email environment – from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to on-premise Exchange and hybrid.

Build trust on the inside

Since 2017 to 2023, phishing attacks on SMEs have increased by 7% and phishing emails and impersonation attacks are accounting for 79% of attacks on those businesses that reported them.*

Ensure that your organisation’s email system is protected by technology that evolves alongside threats, by choosing our advanced email protection solution.

*UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023

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Why work with us?


Cost effective solutions for SMEs

As Cybersecurity is becoming more expensive, it makes sense to go with a partner with who understands the needs of SMEs and delivers state-of-the-art solutions backed by a team of professional cybersecurity experts.

Multi-layered security to protect your team

We offer multi-layered malware protection to ensure your team remains secure, DNS authentication and advance reputation checks, and dedicated Account Managers and Cybersecurity experts only a call away to give you peace of mind with your E-mail security.

Proactive protection and Content examination

We provide continuous monitoring for viruses and spam, as well as content examinations for both inbound and outbound emails.

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Sophisticated social security against attacks

With machine intelligence, our solution aims to help protect you and your team against sophisticated forms of attacks like social engineering and impersonation attacks.

We only partner with the best

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